Chemistry experiments video

  1. Silver mirror. Tollens reaction

  2. Oxidation of alcohols to aldehydes with fehling

  3. Oxidation of alcohol with CuO.

  4. Effect of temperature on chemical equilibrium

  5. Haloform reaction in 2 minutes

  6. Electrolysis of KI solution

  7. Complete and Incomplete combustion.

  8. Sodium or Potassium in water. Almost safe method.

  9. Galvanic cell Cu - Mg

  10. Production and detection of CO2 and O2

  11. Production and detection of Ο3

  12. Reactivity series of metals

  13. Chemical Kinetics - diadramme

  14. Chemical kinetics. Concentration - temperature.

  15. Ignition. Impressive but not instuctive.

  16. Titration of acetic acid with NaOH

  17. Surprise - experiment with another presenter.